Institutional Real Estate Dispositions

SFR Investors Nationwide

Comprehensive Market Knowledge from Coast-to-Coast

Comprehensive Market Knowledge from Coast-to-Coast

ResiRealty has experience working with all the major institutional aggregators within the SFR industry and takes a measured approach to coordinating property dispositions. We are a licensed brokerage in all major real estate markets across the US (34 states and 59 metro areas) and have amassed a rolodex of bulk buyers and sellers, foreign and domestic.

Our team has granular knowledge of underwriting guidelines and asset preferences allowing us to target appropriate institutional buyers for your portfolio. We generally evaluate three initial options to maximize value for selling any particular asset: retail sale to owner occupant, selling to an institutional investor as yield product, and selling to foreign investors. We consider a range of factors, from rental value versus retail value, to occupancy status of property and property condition. Net yield, price point, vintage, quality of neighborhood, and proximity to MSA density are common factors used to select the best fund for a particular asset.

Most importantly, we market your properties in a way that removes the negative stigma and implied discount associated with REO listings. Our team of experts at ResiRealty has proven time and time again that we have the knowledge and experience to ensure institutional investors receive the best deal for their portfolio.

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