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If you are buying a home, ResiRealty can help you turn your search into a sale! Our team of expert real estate agents has the knowledge, expertise and connections to make sure you find your dream home – and find it fast! We help you:

Narrow Your Search: Diligently search out and determine the areas in which you want to look at buying a home.

Provide Guidance: Provide tips and advice to qualify for a home loan, including written proof of your financial situation and potential loan approval.

Get Your Home: From search to sale, ResiRealty agents are here for you!


National Median
Sale Price

The median sale price of houses sold in the U.S. was $327,100 in the first quarter of 2020 [St. Louis Federal Reserve].


Average Down

At the median price, buyers who put down 20% down payment required an average $65,420.

ResiRealty is an exclusive and boutique real estate company dedicated to helping each client customize their buying or selling experience to best fit their families’ schedule and housing needs. With our diverse group of agents it is easy to find a qualified agent that understands the market you are interested in. Let ResiRealty open the doors to your real estate dreams!

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