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Thema Swift


About Me

The Real T-Swift

While you might not catch her wearing cowboy boots and singing songs about teenage heartbreak like the other T Swizzle, you will find Thema Swift to be the real estate agent with real buying and selling sizzle! A career in high-end retail management reinforced her belief that amazing service to her clients is the only long-lasting recipe for fulfillment and success in business, especially in Real Estate!

Native to the Metro

Thema loves the great diversity of the Atlanta Metro area. As a native Atlanta gal, she has grown up very much in the heartbeat of the city. She loves all things Atlanta, including all the great festivals. Some of her favorite festivals are food truck festivals, and jazz festivals. She views these types of gatherings as microcosms of the real Atlanta Metro. The food, the fun, and most importantly, the people, are all reasons why she loves festivals. That love for seeing people happy and in their element is largely what drives her love for helping someone invest in a wonderful future in their new dream home!

Stress Free is the Way to Be

Thema’s favorite part of the entire Real Estate process is the day of closing. She believes that if she did a great job, and the clients had a stress free experience, then closing day will be exhilarating. If someone is buying a new home, they are able to spend what could be the rest of their lives in this home, enjoying it, raising a family, starting a business, or whatever they desire. If someone is selling, then they are able to walk away with a productive financial transaction. Either way, if Thema is able to be Thema, everyone walks away stress-free and happy.

Insider Tip

”Selling through Building”

“Relationship building is huge. We’ll spend time talking, getting to know one another. I pay attention to my client’s mannerisms. If we’re talking about a neighborhood, or type of house, and they get excited, then I know it’s something that they’re really interested in. And we always make the things that my you, my client, are most excited about, as a great big priority for our time together.”

Presentation tip: Keep your property clean! No clutter. Clean lines in the aesthetics. Making your property feel like it could be somebody’s home. Don’t be too specific. You don’t want it to feel like this is someone else’s home. Make your presentation ambiguous enough to be welcoming, but welcoming to all possible prospects.

If you’re a man who is buying a house with your significant other, realize that keeping your lady happy will ensure you have the chance to live a long, fulfilling life.

My Commitment

“My clients often describe me in one or more of the following ways: Organized, punctual, friendly, determined, focused, pleasant, always smiling, professional, and many more ways. I will do everything inside and outside my own power to prove those qualities to you for the duration of our time together, and far beyond our future, successful, closing day!”

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