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Alvin Sims


About Me

The Extra Mile – or 8

Originally hailing from Detroit, Alvin Sims is accustomed to working hard for everything he’s ever earned. No shortcuts. No nonsense. Just tireless time and effort, fully devoted to your Real Estate project. That same Detroit, sleeves-rolled-up work ethic is part of what makes Alvin a valuable member of the Sims group, and one dynamite Real Estate Agent for RCM.

Niche’ is Value

Alvin’s forte lies largely in helping his clients find real estate opportunities that will be the absolute best value now, and for the future. Alvin takes pride in helping client’s understand the actual value of their property, as opposed to the sentimental values they have accrued over the years. He then launches his ideas for vibrant, active, selling strategy. All this means that when you are ready to sell your home, Alvin can make your dreams come true, with lightning-quick efficiency, and full-satisfaction.

Change in Perspective

An educator before beginning his career in Real Estate, Alvin taught Elementary children all the way to 5th Grade, and he taught all the foundational courses, such as Math, English, and Science. Spending all this time, helping foster America’s youth, Alvin developed an acute sense of noticing quality environments for children. If a prospective home buyer has kids, or wants to have kids in the future, Alvin is an expert at helping them find their perfect property, in the perfect community, to watch their little ones grow, develop and prosper, just like their ever-increasing home equity!

Insider Tip

”Effectively utilize online marketing and social media.”

The Sims Group has always used Smartdata as a great resource because it can give us the most current, accurate data on who is looking for the type of home I’m trying to sell, and vice versa. So instead of just aiming a big blast at an undetermined, and sometimes erratic social media market, we can heighten the precision of our advertising aims.

Buyer’s Consultation – Figure out what you’re looking for in a home, before you start actually looking at homes. Once you figure that out the combing process can be very effective. And 30 days later, BAM, we’re done! Obviously, we know every search and purchase won’t be seamless, but Alvin’s track record proves that it is indeed possible. Call the Sims group today at RCM National Realty!

My Commitment

“I like helping people in real estate because I view it more as an investment in my client’s future, instead of just an investment in their financial situation. It’s an investment that is valuable both to the outside world, and to the daily lives of the people who are looking to buy a home. So if the man of the house would like a man cave, or the lady would like a window bed, I try to either find homes that have these items, or help them visualize how they could create them from the existing housing plans. I will work with all my might for you, because my dream come true is watching your dreams come true!”

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